Arifur Rahman



My name is Arifur Rahman, I am a Bangladeshi cartoonist living in Norway.

In Bangladesh I am known as Cartoonist Arif, because of my cartooning activities.

As a child, I loved to draw. And I taught myself how to do it.

Now I am working as a freelance cartoonist in Norwegian newspapers and studying 3D & Animation.

I have received several national and international award for my cartoons.

I am the founder and publisher of Online Cartoon Magazine tOOns MaG.

I was the first guest cartoonist of ICORN.


Awards and Honors:

2015: Cartoonist Pedro Memorial Grant from Tegnerforbundet, Norway.

2015: Best online activism award for tOOns MaG Bangla from Deutsche Welle, Germany.

2011: Award for animated short film TRY, Bangladesh.

2008: Anti-corruption cartoon contest special mention award from Transparency International Bangladesh.

2007: Anti-corruption cartoon contest 1st prize from Star Inside, The Daily Star, Bangladesh.

2006: Alpin pin hunt cartoon contest 3rd prize from Prothom Alo, Bangladesh.

2006: Anti-corruption cartoon contest 3rd prize from Transparency International Bangladesh.


Work Experience:

2015-2016 Bengali Language Teacher (Part-time) at UD Norway.

2015-Today Freelance Cartoonist & Illustrator in Norwegian Newspapers.

2014-Today Animator on My Own Projects.

2009-2010 Cartoonist for 2D Animated TV Series and Short Films at Kolpo, Bangladesh.

2009-2010 Book Illustrator at Pratibha Publication, Bangladesh.

2009-Today Freelance Web Developer.

2008-2009 Illustrator (Project) at Election Commission Bangladesh.

2004-2010 Freelance Cartoonist & Illustrator at Bangladeshi Newspapers.

2002-2003 Drawing Teacher at Radiant English Medium Kindergarten School, Shahzadpur, Bangladesh.